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Online training software | Online induction software

We make online training systems that are super simple, super reliable and super functional.

Our systems can be implemented within days at a fraction of the cost of implementing other systems

like Moodle and expensive enterprise learning management systems (LMS).


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Deliver Online Training

Train employees online with all the functionality that you need, and none of the complexity, dysfunction, delay and expense of systems developed in-house or a traditional LMS.

Deliver Online Inductions

Our online induction systems are designed to be easily used and managed by people with limited computer skills. Induct contractors and employees online with no fuss, no hassle, no interruptions – no problems.

Sell Online Training to Clients

We provide complete online training systems which allow you to sell online training to your clients. Our systems take care of everything from taking payment, delivering training, tracking and automatically managing recurring training requirements. Set and forget. 

Online Training

Our Team has over 8 years experience making online training software and online induction software.  In this time we have developed all types of training systems.  Simple systems, complex systems, systems that take payment.  Systems that have video content, multimedia content and text content.  We have made a lot of systems that have trained hundreds of thousands of people.

Throughout this time we have discovered what works and what does not work.  We have discovered what causes users to have problems and what causes administrators problems.  And we have systematically and continuously improved our systems to remove these problems and issues.  After all this effort we call our systems, “Set and Forget” online training systems where the users and administrators need no training or help to use the system and the systems run by themselves for years without any hiccups or intervention.  We got so good at making these systems to deliver our own content, that we decided to sell them for other companies to use.

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Options to Buy

We can supply your business with a training system, that we host, for an ongoing fee or you can purchase a system outright.  We also provide ongoing support for the system if and when you need it – to make modifications, etc or your own IT people can provide this service.

Training Content

Your orgainisation can supply the Training Content or we can arrange to develop it for you.  Our system will accept almost any type of content and our team will be able to provide assistance and advice on a as needed basis.

Payment Systems

If you would like to sell training to your client or take payment from the users of the system we have very simple payment methods that meet best practice security standards and are very simple to use.  If you would like people to pay money on a website, then it needs to be secure and easy.

Technical Stuff

Our systems are fast and reliable and features come out fast. This is because we use industry best practices like Agile Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration. Our systems are also deployed using state of the art infrastructure and a lightning fast Content Delivery Network to make sure your content is delivered fast, wherever you are in the world.

Developing Online Training Systems

Understanding the expertise, time and expense it takes to develop a training system is something a lot of business learn the hard way.  And even after all this heartache most organisations end up with systems that do not work as intended and are ongoing money pits and time wasters. 

Our business is set up to develop online training systems and if we knew of a good online training system that we could buy at a good price, we would buy one instead of making our own.  No brainer.  The prices we sell systems for are less than 5% of the cost of developing your own system.  And this does not even consider the very high risk of your organization will speed a lot of time and money developing something that does not work very well.  History tells us that the chances of developing your own online training software that work well is very small.

Buying an Online Training System

Even if organisations pay for a system, there is still a high risk of the online training not going to plan.  Here are some of the problems we have seen many times.

Training Software does Not Work – Some Training Software does not work, is difficult to use, has ongoing problems or has poor service when there is a problem.  If you have ever experienced software that does not work you know how frustrating this can be. Online Training Software is no different from any other software, some of it works, some of it doesn’t.  The way to avoid the poorly designed software is to do a little bit of homework. Before purchasing a software product talk to people who currently use it and trial a functioning example; this is essential.

Training Software is too Complex – Some Training Software is too complex.  Many of our larger clients have Enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) that cost more than $100,000 to purchase but they do not use it or they only used it in a minor way. In our experience there are three major reasons for this:

  1. most enterprise LMS are not set up to deliver multimedia training so if you would like to deliver multimedia training you will likely have problems.  In this case our systems can act as a (user friendly) user interface with an API sending data to the LMS
  2. they are so complex that no one knows how to use it or no one wants to use it or;
  3. they are so complex that they have a dedicated person or team of people, to look after the system, that can never seam to get around to making anything work and/or add new content to the system.  These people also an ongoing cost of the LMS.

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